Swan Packaging Fullfillment

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  • We have been providing fulfillment and packaging services since 1986.
  • We are a family owned and operated company that operates like a family…..we care about our employees and treat them well, our employees take pride in their work and understand that our customers are their livelihood, and we have many long-tenured employees.
  • We answer the phone when you call and call/email you back in a timely manner with answers.
  • We implement technologies and empower customer service representatives to support and assist our customers in servicing theirs.
  • We maintain best of breed fulfillment technology systems, but if it makes the most sense for our client and for Swan to use the client’s internal order & inventory management system to manage all processes within our facility, we do offer that flexibility.
  • Ours is a process done by people and people make mistakes, when they happen we quickly resolve them and absorb any associated cost.
  • We have very few levels of management and all of our customers develop a personal relationship with the owner.
  • We have the capacity to scale for large promotions, provide many options and substantial savings on shipping and packaging materials, and store large quantities of inventory to support ongoing sales.
  • We can provide consultative assistance in optimizing all processes related to our service to enhance the customer experience, structure operations to save time and money, and offer advice on working in and selling to our customer’s clients.
  • We can provide references to many clients that attest to the value of our relationship and how we support their business.

Guiding Principles

Our success is directly aligned with the success of our clients. We strive to help our clients grow their business by alleviating the expense and necessity to support the “back-end” of managing a warehouse facility, operational labor, inventory control and shipping software, procuring packaging materials, adjusting for seasonal fluctuations in demand.