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Returned orders are a reality and necessary evil for all product marketers, particularly those selling direct-to-consumer. Replicating the in-store retail experience from a home computer is only supported by allowing customers to return products without too much of a hassle. Often the approach toward the relative ease with which our clients allow their customers to make returns has a direct correlation to the type of product, value of the product and whether it can be resold if it is returned. We work with customers to identify that optimal mix of how easy to make returns and assist in implementing those policies through customized packing slip or insert card policy language, prepaid returns labels, RMA’s, and returns reporting for policy enforcement.

We manage product returns for most of our clients. Returns for some are very minimal while others can get receive as much as 25% of the outbound product and need to factor in that returns rate into their supply chain calculations when purchasing inventory. We ask our clients for a statement of their returns policy, criteria for inspection of product for decision on whether items should be disposed, quarantined or restocked, and reporting requirements to facilitate crediting and subsequent customer service actions. We also offer varying levels of product inspection and refurbishing/repair to maximize the number of items that can be restocked and resold, including re-packing, re-tagging, shrink-wrapping and garment steaming & cleaning.