Swan Packaging Fullfillment

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  • Packages are shipped based on our client’s specified routing for each order, or pre-defined business rules can be scripted to insure that all orders are routed based on a blend of criteria (eg. deliver within 2 days, ship ground if possible)
  • Once shipped the order record is updated with tracking, weight & shipment cost and automated shipment notification emails are sent from our fulfillment system (or the data made available for our client’s systems to immediately generate their own emails)
  • All addresses are validated against the USPS database to correct and standardize the address for maximum deliverability, this minimizes returns and customer service efforts related to undelivered packages (even if someone enters their own address incorrectly!)
  • Integrated customs documentation for international shipments…declared value, commodity description, duties & taxes payee, etc.
  • Advanced shipping options such 3rd party & Collect billing, COD, signature required
  • Client customized returns address on shipping labels